Organizations related to the medical field are go out on the new stage of relationships with their patients, as well as the use of information technology in their practice.

At the same time, not all institutions have access to most technologies,because additional human capitals, investments and time, are for this purpose needed for introduction.

MEDAdvisor24 suggests starting cooperation with the simplest tools for informing and establishing a dialogue with patients.


Possibilities and advantages for medical establishments

- availability of an information resource for the patient, employees of medical establishments through any device connected to the Internet;

-to place information about your establishment (contact details, photos, directions and render services of doctors), with whith insurance companies cooperate;

- post news, articles, promotions, specials.  offers;

 - receive requests for admission from patients, and manage them in your Personal Account;

 - participate in the program of Medturism;

- receive feedback from patients, comment and take into account to improve the quality of service;

 - send informational messages to patients who have added an institution to the "Favorites";

To work on the website, it is necessary to authorize on the MEDAdvisor24 and fill out the profile of the medical institution with information, as well as to connect doctors.

The stages of connection are described in instructions

Cooperation for pharmacies

 The first stage - the placement of information about the location of pharmacies and contact information.  Often, the patient has a question about which pharmacies are located near the medical institution which he have visited or plans to visit.

Cooperation for insurance companies

 The first stage is the placement of information about health insurance programs: personal insurance and VHI.  Increasingly, patients are paying attention to their health insurance and the demand for timely and accessible information about programs is growing every year.


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